Yamaha PSR GX76 keyboard

by KnowYourPiano

Review of the Yamaha PSR GX76 keyboard, available with hi-fi speakers and suitable for enhanced playing performance because of its 76 keys.

Some time back, Yamaha had introduced a keyboard in the PSR series, which had 76 keys – the PSR GX76.

It was aimed towards players who wanted a keyboard on which they could play more complex pieces, as well as lot of piano songs.

It was meant for players who find 61 keys to be very restrictive, and at the same time enjoy all the features associated with digital music keyboards.

The 76 key PSR-GX76 keyboard was perfect for this requirement.

In addition to the usual list of styles, the psrGX76 contains styles that are purely piano accompaniments.

These are special professional-sounding piano-only styles and you can play your melody on top of these piano styles. I am sure this feature will be a hit with all piano lovers.

Not only does this psr keyboard have the regular features like styles, voices, effects, etc...to top it up, this keyboard came with hi-fi speakers, for a more enjoyable experience.

Yamaha PSR GX76


Some important features available with the yamaha psr GX76 portatone!

  • 76 Full size keys with Touch Response

  • 100+ voices, styles, Demo songs

  • Polyphony of 32 Notes Max

  • DJ Mode

  • 6 track Sequencer - Record your own songs

  • Connectors for MIDI, Foot Pedal, Headphones

  • Pitch Bend Wheel

  • Conclusion

    If you enjoy playing the piano and also enjoy the features that are available with digital keyboards, then the Yamaha psr-gx76 is apt keyboard for you. It has 76 keys and all the styles, voices, effects for an enhanced playing performance. You may choose to look at the DGX / YPG models from Yamaha if you are looking for a brand new keyboard with more than 61 keys. If you do not mind owning a used keyboard, then go in for the Yamaha PSR GX76 keyboard.

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