Yamaha PSR 2000 Keyboard

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Please note this is a discontinued model.
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Here is a review of Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard, a high-end arranger workstation keyboard. Learn how to get the most out of the Yamaha psr-2000.

When you are looking for excellent sound without compromise, then you cannot go wrong with the amazing sound from the Yamaha PSR 2000.

This keyboard has one of the best collections of sounds available out there. With over 16 MB of sound recordings to choose from, you can play Electric Piano, Vintage Guitar and any combination of many instruments.

Yamaha PSR 2000

Amazing Voices and Accompaniment Styles

If the 16 Megabytes of wonderful sound samples is still not enough to keep you happy, you can always add more. Just insert a floppy disk and you can easily use the sounds in your private collection.

In addition to the wide sound selection, it also has an on board 16-track sequencer which you can use to create unique sound quality and composition. Imagine creating 16 different instruments to create a full orchestra composition.

Aside from that, you can also have a lot fun by making use of the hundreds of accompaniments to choose from and effects that you can play with.

The sensitivity of the keys is top notch. It is semi-weighted for a better feel but it lacks a little after touch to be honest. It is not much of a big deal because it still does provide a better experience than most other keyboards.

Play MIDI Files

One unique feature of Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard is its ability to play a MIDI File and Style, all at the same time.

You can achieve this because it separated the controls for song and style playback.

It also has a built in lyric editor to complement its Song Creator Feature. Once the lyrics are in the song, you can just follow the bouncing ball and enjoy singing your own song.

Sturdy and Reliable

The Yamaha PSR 2000 has the same reliability that you can enjoy from the quality products of Yamaha. In the years that the PSR-2000 has been in service there have been countless testimonials to its reliability.

Some keyboards have even fallen down stairs and survived. Though, I would not recommend throwing this wonderful instrument down the stairs anytime soon.

Important Features

  • 16 MB of high quality digitally sampled voices

  • Large Full Dot LCD Display

  • Vocal Harmony Feature

  • Easy Music Finder Button

  • Built in Floppy disk drive

  • Simultaneous Style and Song Playback

  • 16-Track Sequencer and Lyric Editor

  • Digital Effects Processor

  • Conclusion

    The Yamaha PSR-2000 has been discontinued but you can still enjoy playing this wonderful instrument by purchasing it through second hand sale sites. It sells at over $900 but it depends on the quality and condition of the unit. The long list of features that it has remains relevant to this day. The sound quality can compare to today’s newer more sophisticated keyboards. Considering the durability of the PSR-2000 you can rest assured that you can still enjoy playing amazing music with it. So, go ahead and get Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard today and see the amazing difference that it brings.

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    Several good alternatives
    by: Suresh

    Hi Lee,

    There's no doubt that the PSR 2000 was a good keyboard, but then it has been phased out and there are several new PSR models now from Yamaha that are good in features.

    The PSR 2000 did have the Vocal Harmony feature wherein you could hook a microphone to the PSR-2000, sing into it, and you could sound like a choir. It would recognize the chords that you play and change accordingly.

    This feature is there in the Yamaha PSR s950, but then it's priced just under $2k. The PSR s650 (around 800 bucks) and the PSR A2000 ($1400) are some other options but they don't come with a vocal harmonizer. You can however trigger vocal phrases on these keyboards using key pads.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask more questions.

    Good Alternative to Yamaha PSR 2000 Keyboard?
    by: Lee Reynolds (US)

    Long story short.. My girlfriend used to have a Yamaha PSR-2000 61-keyboard that was stolen from her a number of years ago.

    I'd like to replace it with something that's newer, but offers the same or better features.

    Can you point me to a few specific products that I can begin to explore?

    Yamaha PSR-2000 is still very good
    by: Louie (Brad)

    Hi, I have the Yamaha psr-2000 and performing using it every night @ pub since 2007 till now.

    I've been recording my actual 1-man band music and store it in a floppy diskettes, and using floppy diskettes for some songs I do it 1-man band during my live shows.

    But today there are lots of new USB keyboard arrangers and I think USB method is better now than floppy diskettes.

    The songs loading too slow before the music start to play. I think USB's are more faster to load.

    But still psr-2000 is very good for me in my experience! It's just heavy to carry; I carry it every time when I have to practice in my room.

    I tell you?the Yamaha psr-2000 is indeed a good keyboard!! ...for sequencer/1-man band and also for a full party band performances.

    - Brad

    Yamaha PSR 2000 is Better Than PSR 6300
    by: Jay

    No way, the Yamaha PSR 2000 is far better than the PSR 6300.

    The psr-6300 used FM digital sounds, which is a much older method of generating sounds, like in the DX9 keyboards from the early 80's.

    All the current manufacturers use sampled sound technology, which involves making use of sound samples to generate the various sounds. This seems to be the road ahead for all the manufacturers.

    So I would definitely vouch for the PSR-2000. It could be a bit expensive though but then the sounds and effects are just too good.

    If you are tight on budget, you may also consider the Yamaha PSR740, which is also loaded with great features and sounds.


    Yamaha PSR 6300 keyboard – Better than PSR 2000 piano keyboard?
    by: Jerry (Connecticut)


    A Yamaha PSR 6300 keyboard is up for sale in our area and I wanted some views before I could decide whether to buy it.

    The problem is that before this offer came up I was thinking of the Yamaha PSR 2000 piano keyboard. I had read some reviews on the Internet and it seems to have lots of features. Not to mention the fact that it looks sleek too.

    Problem is that there is not much information about the Yamaha PSR 6300 keyboard on the Internet, so I really do not know much about the psr-6300...could not find anything on the Yamaha website too on the psr6300.

    Do you guys think that I should go in for the Yamaha psr 2000 piano keyboard? Will it be much more expensive than the psr-6300?

    Or is the Yamaha PSR 6300 keyboard something worth considering?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    Yamaha PSR 2000 Keyboard
    by: George

    I have this keyboard, which I had bought a few years back and was one of the more expensive models when it was launched.

    Sadly, I didn't use it as much as I would have liked, even though it has great overall sounds.

    I have recently started playing and I am exploring several features such as how to edit the volume, transpose, change the tempo, etc. of a song recorded on Multitrack, as I’m unable to do so. I went through the user manual but could not figure it out.

    Another thing is that am finding it difficult to record onto a floppy drive; not sure if that part is still working or not. I even formatted the floppy but still it didn't help. I just wonder why these things can’t be made easy.

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