Yamaha Motif XF vs XS

by Peter

What are the differences between the Yamaha Motif XF and XS? Here are some...

  • The XF has 128 MB of SDRAM where as XS had none although you can expand your XS with DIMMS to a recommended maximum of 1GB. The XF is expandable via 512MB or 1024 MB Flash Memory Expansion Modules.

  • The XF can read load and import 99.9% of all data created on an XS but it will not work the other way round i.e. XS cannot read, load and import data created on an XF.

  • The XS is a just as good a synth as XF is. So, if you are not really worried about buying a keyboard that has been discontinued, you may get a good deal for the pending stocks if available. However, just keep in mind that XF series obviously has an updated hardware which will not be available in XS series.

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    Not a very friendly keyboard to use the features
    by: Anonymous

    Big mistake buying this keyboard - you have to be a rocket scientist to use it - I am going to sell this Motif as soon as I can find someone dumb enough to buy it from me.

    XF looks to me like a XS on steroids
    by: Richie

    It looks like the XF and XS have the same sound engine, so the XF will sound just as great. However, XF has additional user banks, and more presets. The XF looks like XS with a few additional features.

    XF looks Okay
    by: Gordon

    I was very excited to trade my XS8 for the new XF, however, I was soon disappointed as I though the XF doesnt offer much more. First thing was the keyboard which didn't feel the same as XS. The keys felt less sensitive and less piano like. The screen graphics did not impress me either. Next, I found out that Yamaha left out the firewire ports and kept an expansion slot in their place. That's another 300.00 and now you add that to 300 per gig for the flash memory and you just spent near another grand. I felt, it wasn't worth shelling so much for it.

    Is it the same thing as the Motif XS?
    by: Tim

    From what I have read and heard there's not much difference over the XS. The display screen on the XF looks like they are still competing Korg. I don't want to spend more on a new XF if it is the same thing as the XS.

    My Piano preference - Yamaha, Nord, Roland and then Korg
    by: Des

    When it comes to my piano preference, I would say it is - Yamaha, Nord, Roland and then Korg, in that order.

    I have had the opportunity to play all the Motifs, be it ES,XS and XF, and I would say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the sound and feel of the pianos ? digital and acoustic - compared to the M3, Tritons, etc from Korg.

    Yamaha Motif XF vs XS
    by: Joe

    I was a long time user of the original Motif Rack and then I picked up the XF8 and I must say its simply WOW! This keyboard is amazing, although pretty much a souped up XS, but I would recommend that all of you should go and check it out. I am so glad that I waited another couple of months before I had purchased to get the new board else, it was worth the wait. Last time I purchased my Roland Fantom X7 and the Fantom G came out 4 months later, which was pretty disappointing for me.

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