Yamaha Midi Interface - Connect to Computer with the Yamaha UX16

Yamaha UX16 Midi USB Interface Yamaha Midi Interface: Connect your music keyboard to a computer and use music software programs. Use the Yamaha UX16 USB Midi Interface!

I am sure you know that a digital keyboard can be connected to a computer?

But do you know why do you do it and how to do it?

Read on to know more about MIDI and its benefits, and how to use a yamaha usb midi interface!

Why Connect Keyboard to a Computer?

There is a lot of music gear, both hardware as well as software, that have special uses in music production. Lot of musicians will indeed find it useful if they could easily interact among these different hardware and software.

The standard method of interacting among digital instruments is through MIDI, using a midi interface such as the Yamaha ux16. So, assuming once you have connected your yamaha keyboard to a computer, you can easily use some powerful software sequencers like cubase or Sonar, or music production tool like Reason.

Using Midi, you can connect any music keyboard to a PC, Mac or a laptop computer. Once connected, you can transfer data back and forth between your keyboard and computer.

You can even use your midi keyboard as a MIDI controller for recording on sequencing software or for notation purposes on music notation software.

Yamaha Midi Interface, Yamaha ux16
Yamaha UX16 Midi Interface on Amazon

Using a Yamaha UX16 Midi USB Interface!

So how do you connect your keyboard to your computer? Easiest way is to use a Yamaha USB midi interface like the UX16 USB-MIDI interface. The Yamaha UX16 sells for around 50 US dollars online.

You simply connect the USB-end of the Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface to your USB port on your computer, and connect the MIDI in and Midi out cables into the Midi slots on your digital keyboard.

The UX16 has a MIDI cable that is just over 4 feet long and a USB cable that is about 2 feet long. The UX16 can handle 16 channels of simultaneous playback, and works with both Windows and Mac.

But before you can start using the Yamaha Midi interface, you need to install the driver that comes along with your Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI interface, for it to work.

The Yamaha UX16 driver can also be downloaded from YamahaSynth.com where you can find drivers for both Windows as well as Mac.

Summary - Yamaha UX16 Midi USB Interface

Once you get your Yamaha keyboard connected to a computer using MIDI, you can use software programs that can help you to create and arrange your own music from scratch. The Yamaha UX16 is an easy-to-use midi interface which will help you setup the connection between your keyboard and the computer. I highly recommend it!

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