Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano: Valuable Tips to Record Great Performances

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano Amazingly valuable facts about the Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano that many users are not aware of! Now you can record some great performances using these tips on Clavinova Pianos.

Here is one digital piano that can make you sound like Elton John, even if you are a decent singer and a piano player.

The Yamaha Clavinova pianos have a lot of functions, which if used correctly can help you to get the maximum value out of it.

Lot of users are happy to hear the superb collection of built-in preset songs that the Clavinovas have, more to appreciate its sound capabilities.

But the fact is that you can record some amazing performances on this piano and play them back, either through the Clavinovas speakers or through externally connected headphones.

But before we go further, here are some amazing tips on how to make the best of your Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano!

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos - Record Amazing Performances

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

Using the Vocoder

One of the coolest features on the high end Clavinovas is the Vocoder!

With the vocoder enabled, you just have to play a chord…and with the keys pressed sing through the microphone. The piano will now play your voices as a three part harmony (basically split into several background voices).

This gives the impression that there are many singers backing you up!

And the coolest thing is that you can set the vocoder in such a way that you can enable or disable it through the pedal.

For instance, by pressing the left foot pedal, the vocoder effect will be ON, and pressing it again will turn it off (you need to set up your Clavinova to detect this; it's sort of your personal, customized setup).

How can you use it?

Here is one way to use the vocoder using your foot. While playing the Verse part you can turn off the vocoder effect and play solo. And wherever you want the background vocal effect to turn in, you just have to press the pedal and the vocoder feature will come into force.

Isn't that cool!

There are many songs that will sound amazing if you bring into effect the vocoder part as part of the background effect.

Best part is you can be even more creative. You can even use whistling instead of singing or humming and it will sound just as fine.

Connect to an External Monitor/Screen

The Clavinova pianos themselves are quite self-sufficient, but the experience of seeing the notations and the lyrics on a bigger screen is unbeatable.

So get one for your Clavinova today!

Clavinova pianos have a Lyrics/text button which can read lyrics of a song and display it on the monitor.

You just have to get the lyrics of the song (you can find them on the internet) and store it on a pen-drive. You can easily connect a thumb-drive to the Clavinova through a USB port.

Once your Pen drive is connected to the Clavinova, just hit the Lyrics/text button. Once ready to read from the pen-drive your Clavinova will say that the device is connected.

You are now ready to see the lyrics on the big monitor/screen!

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano - Recording & Vocoder Feature

Recording Your Performance

All Yamaha clavinova digital pianos have good recording abilities, which can be useful for various reasons. The recorded performance can be played back easily and you can even play the keyboard along with the playback.

If a nice musical idea hits your head, you can quickly record what is going on your mind, before you forget about it. You can record it and always come back later to build upon it.

You can even use the ability to record and playback what you have played on the yamaha clavinova digital piano as an effective practice aid. For example, you can record just the left-hand part, and then practice the right-hand part while playing back the recorded left-hand part.

But the best part is that, with the pen drive ON and connected to the clavinova, you can start recording your performance on the pen-drive.

It's as easy as pressing the USB button (USB audio recorder) after which you need to press the Record button (indicates its ready to record). Once you are done playing your performance just hit the save button and it will save the performance as a wave file on the thumb-drive. It's that easy!

Once on the pen-drive, you can do various things with it.

You can take it to your computer and enhance it further using a music software program, or just send it as an attachment on an email to your friends, or send it to someone who wants a demo of your piano playing/singing capabilities.

Synchro Start Option

Here's another tip to improve your piano playing, while playing with the accompaniments on your Clavinova piano. Want to start playback as soon as you hit any key on the keyboard? Use the Synchro Start function.

There is an option to Start Playback automatically as soon as you start playing the keyboard. This is known as the Synchro Start function.

This function is useful when you want to match the timing of the beginning of the playback sound and the start of your own performance.

You can even use the Left Pedal to Start/Stop a song. For this, you will need to configure the Pedal Start / Stop function. This is also a convenient way of starting playback of the recorded part anytime after you have started playing.

Listen to the Preset Songs

To hear any of the preset songs through the built-in stereo speakers, you need to switch on the Speaker Switch.

This speaker-switch turns the internal speakers on or off. The speakers will produce sound as long as a pair of headphones is not connected. The moment you connect headphones, the speakers will stop producing sound.

You can simply listen to these preset songs or you can even use them for your piano practice. A song book is provided if you want to refer to the music notations for these songs.

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