Technics Piano problem
My Technic Digital Piano doesn't make any sound

by Jasmine

All of a sudden my Technics piano stopped working. The light comes on but it doesn't make any sound.

I called the technician but they say that the company is been closed for 8 to 10 years. They are not making any more Technics pianos.

So the technician said that even if he comes home and figure out what the problem is he still can't fix it because they don't get any parts.

It sounds very discouraging.

Any suggestions for my Technics Digital Piano?

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My Technic Digital Piano doesn't make any sound

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technics pr703m
by: terry

sound stopped working, any one know where I can buy a board

No sound on my Technic sx pr250 digtal piano
by: Anonymous

I have a Technic sx pr250 digtal piano I have lights but no sound. Can someone help me.

Check the fuse of your Technics Digital Piano
by: Pagi

We had this problem on our PR6 years ago. Our daughter was playing and a friend shuffled up and shocked her on the ear. Blew out the fuse. The tech removed the top and replaced it. It has worked perfectly ever since. We are now careful to discharge any static before touching it.

Technics keyboard Piano Noise
by: Anonymous

The noise on the Technics keyboard Piano is caused by the felt pads in the keyboard becoming indented. This allows the metal key to come in contact with the frame. I solved this problem by removing the keyboard and running a strip of rubber M-D P Profile 7/32" weatherseal on the metal frame just to the front of the felt strip under the keyboard. When you have the keyboard standing on edge you can see where you can apply the rubber seal from one end to the other. You do not need to unplug any wires. The top of the piano is held by 4 screws on the back. Then bump the top so it slides forward. There are eight screws that are under the keyboard. Also remove screws that hold the black panel and floppy drive next to the keys on the Technics keyboard Piano.

anxious for answers
by: Anonymous

I have Technics Pr 702 Piano and it completely stopped working. There is no one that I could contact here in Hawaii to work on my piano. I love it, but nothing lights up, no sound. Wondering if there is someone out there that can repair it. Making room and we're at a crossroads. Throw it out or is there's a chance of ...

Keys making a woodend clicking sound PR305
by: Sara

My Technics digital piano PR305 has 4 keys that are making a wooden clicking sound when played. Any suggestions as to the fix?

Thanks for the thanks - Technics Digital Piano
by: Rosie

Greg, your thank you and success with the tip I posted made my day. I'm so glad it was helpful to someone. Thank you for letting me know!

Accurate & thank you!!!
by: greg wheaton

Just want to thank the wonderful person who put the info about the lower 3 rhythm buttons & power button taking care of the factory reset. We usually use our Korg & Roland keyboards. But one of our ladies wanted to play the Technics PR500 that the church owns . . .and all I know is guitars & amps . . . but it did the trick 1st time. You are my hero!!!!! And my keyboardist thanks you!

Sound restored in Technics PR350 Digital Ensemble Piano
by: Rosie

My Technics Digital Ensemble PR350 piano just quit making sound tonight from one song to the next while I was playing. Demos still worked fine.

I found help at this website: Their problem mentioned a model number PR305 which I figured might be close enough to mine to use the same solution.

You turn the piano off, and while simultaneously holding down the lower left three buttons in the rhythm section, turn the piano on.

My buttons weren't labeled exactly the same as theirs, but it still seemed to reset something. However, there was still no sound until I moved my volume slides down and back up again--and then the sound was all back.

I hope this helps someone else too! I'm so thankful to have found discussions such as this online, as I will also look for other problem solutions.

Technics Piano stopped working
by: Nancy

I had the exact same problem. Technics digital piano worked perfectly and the next time I turned it on, the light went on but screen was blank and none of the buttons activated anything. I tried "resetting to factory settings" as mentioned in the manual, but nothing happened. HELP!

Are there parts or technicians who can work on Technics piano Keyboards?

No sound from my Technics Digital Piano - Where are you located?
by: C. Rizen


Where are you located - City and State? - if in U.S.

I'm not sure I can help, but am working on other Technics keyboards and pianos at this time. It would also be helpful to know what model piano you have. The model appears on a plate, as example I am working on one that is a model SX-PR702. I own a Technics keyboard which is a KN6000. I'm sure you get the idea.

To determine the model, remove the top (usually the top row of screw in the back, then move the top forward and life off. The plate is usually in this area.

Send me whatever you have at


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