Technics KN 7000

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Technics KN 7000 Keyboard

Technics KN 7000 Keyboard

Introducing the Technics KN 7000 Keyboard Synthesizer - Complete Review

The Technics KN 7000 synthesizer keyboard is one of the pro-quality models in the KN series. Here is a complete review of the KN-7000.

Sounds & Expressiveness

The sounds are great, more realistic, and full. Organ, piano, strings, synth pads, etc. they all sound rich.

The built-in speakers are well suited for home use and small venues. If you love organ sounds, enjoy playing Latin or even jazz, then you will like this keyboard.


You get a good 128 Polyphony, as this is one of the top pro-quality models in the Technics KN series. If you are going to use it a lot for composing, then you will need that much.

You get plenty of on-board effects and they are very good. They can also be tweaked easily; you have all the control over the various effects. Besides, expansion options are also available.

You also get a built-in 16 track sequencer to create and arrange your own music.

Ease of Use

The user manual can be much better. You need more information in to be able to get the maximum out of your Technics kn7000.

In terms of layout, it is very easy to find the various functions and patches. If you have used a Technics KN keyboard before, then you do not have to go through any learning curve to be able to use this instrument.

Technics kn 7000, Technics kn7000


The Technics kn-7000 gives you everything that is needed to sequence and arrange your songs; includes an SD slot as well. The various sounds, effects and styles are great and contemporary. A few of you would definitely have liked to see on-board sampling capabilities. Nevertheless, it is a great keyboard.

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Nov 05, 2013
How to 'set up' the sounds on my instrument
by: by Wanda Eastin (Flora, IL USA)

Several years ago, I purchased a Technics KN7000 keyboard and took some lessons from the store which sold Technics.

It was not much longer than a year that I learned that Technics were no longer produced. I really want to find someone who can review me as to how to "set up" the sounds on my instrument as I had before.

Technics has wonderful voices comparable with the best keyboards anywhere.

Can anyone get in touch with me to tell me where I can get the information I need? Please.

Jun 14, 2013
by: Technics KN 7000

You mean you can hear the styles, and not the sounds? In that case, you would have disabled it accidentally. Just check the settings.

PS: Use some nickname

Jun 14, 2013
kn 7000 problem (montreal) quebec
by: Anonymous

i have kn 7000 but no sound the beat style work no sound help me !!

Jun 14, 2013
Technics KN 7000 Keyboard – Need help with Sequencing
by: Keith

Technics KN 7000 Keyboard – Need help with Sequencing

I've had a Technic kn-7000 for 4 to 5 years and really like it…but I haven't recorded sound over sound in 3 years with a lot of tracks, and am having a hard time getting it to do what I want it to do.

I've recorded some songs lately with 1 pass and no extra tracks; I put it in real-time record.

I remember there was a trick about it and I didn't write it down, something with the conductor button, I think.

I tried tonight and I recorded one track and played it back and tried to record over it and then it plays the first track with the sound I wanted for the second track.

Then when I play it back it doesn't play second track, then it goes to Piano?????

Its tricky and the directions suck!

Whoever has this Technics KN 7000 Organ knows what I'm talking about, when I tell them about this problem.

Please Help. Got songs copyrighted and need to finish.


Jun 14, 2013
problème avec kn 7000
by: Anonymous

Est-ce que quelqu'un sait me donner une adresse sur Bruxelles ou n'importe où en Belgique pour faire réparer un clavier Technics Kn7000 ?
Les sorties, les entrées et le son ne fonctionnent plus.

Jun 14, 2013
Power Adapter for Technics Kn7000 keyboard in Hong Kong
by: Suresh

Hi Lau,

Did you try talking to Panasonic support (China) for help on this matter?

I had posted a link to the Panasonic China site in my earlier mail. Did you try contacting them?

Here is a link to the Panasonic China Site!

Jun 14, 2013
Power Transformer / Adapter for my Technics Kn7000 keyboard in Hong Kong
by: Lydia Lau

I took my Technics Kn7000 keyboard to Hong Kong from US, used a transformer to change 110V to 220V.

The transformer and the keyboard busted, the cable is still good. Got a new transformer and the keyboard still can't switch on.

How to repair it? Is there anybody who can repair electronic keyboards, even though it is a different brand?

Is there any Panasonic repair shop in Hong Kong that I can call?

Thank you.

Jun 14, 2013
Technics Kn7000 keyboard busted - Help
by: Suresh

Hi Lau,

Technics keyboard and piano is now owned by Panasonic and they should be supporting the various Technics keyboards.

Here is a link to the Panasonic site for China -

It is in Chinese and I don?t understand the language. See if you can find their support link or some contact number where you can call on.

They should be able to help you out on your Technics Kn7000 keyboard.

Taking help of any other local keyboard technician should be your last resort.

Let us know how it goes.

Jun 14, 2013
Technics Kn7000 Keyboard cannot switch on
by: Lydia Lau

It was the Technics Kn7000 keyboard that cannot switch on.

The power transformer and the keyboard both busted, but I had the cable checked and it is Ok.

I bought a new and better power transformer and the Technics keyboard still can't turn on.

Can I just call on somebody who says he can repair electronic keyboard from an Ad, or I have to have somebody who works on Technics keyboard only.

Please help.

Jun 14, 2013
Power Transformer / Adapter for Technics Kn7000 keyboard
by: Ming

Hi Lau,

I am not sure if I got that correctly?

What busted...the power adapter or the Technics keyboard itself?

Jun 14, 2013
Need Power Transformer / Adapter for my Technics Kn7000 keyboard
by: Lydia Lau (Hong Kong)

Dear Sir.

I recently have brought my Technics Kn7000 keyboard from the US to Hong Kong.

I used a Power transformer with the power rating 110 - 220V.

It worked for a couple days then it busted. Please advice where can I have it repaired in Hong Kong.

Thank you very much.
Lydia Lau

May 26, 2013
me quedè colgado

Hola amigos del teclado. Adquirì este maravilloso compañero ya hace 18 años, el SX-KN-700. y lo he llevado con migo por todos lados. Lastimosamente no tenia documentos cuando lo comprè de segunda mano, es decir "manual del usuario" y por eso no logrè hasta ahora aprovechar todo su potencial. Ya preguntè por muchos lugares oficiales, pero al parecer pocos saben loque es un instrumento musical para los que realmente amamos la musica, y mas aùn un teclado tan especial. Si alguien sabe de la existencia de un "manual del usuario" para este teclado SX-KN-700.ruegole acordarse de mi,y enviarmelo a la direcciòn " ,

May 08, 2013
about panasonic/technics
by: jd5live

For your information Technics was and never been taken over by Panasonic.

Technics was the top end brand name for electronic products used by the "Matsushita Electric Co." this company also produced the more "budget" product under the brand name of Panasonic. ie: hoovers,white goods etc.

The Technics name was used for hign spec Hi:Fi, electronic organs/pianos/keyboards and the famous Mk1200 series of DJ turntables.

Matsushita made the decision in 2004 to end production of all EMID (electronic musical instrument division)products,leaving the DJ products the only items to carry the Technics brand,as all other items inc. headphones and hi-fi setups now are branded "Panasonic".

One of the reasons that the EMID was closed down is that the company was making more profit per $ invested in battery sales than it producing musical instruments. how true?? no one knows!!

Best regards
John Dawson ex:
U.K. Technics Dealer.

Feb 18, 2013
Technics KN 7000
by: Anonymous

There are many who have inherited this keyboard and want to sell it now. They don't have any use for and would like to find a home for it. Some are even in boxed condition and not used at all.

You just have to wait for it.

Feb 18, 2013
Want to Buy New Technics KN-7000 Keyboard Piano
by: Ken

Any idea if you can buy this new from anywhere?

I know that Technics has been taken over by Panasonic but am not sure if they have stopped the production of the Technics KN-7000 keyboards as well.

Any suggestions on whether I can buy these new?

I know the 7000 is still cutting edge design with amazing features so was wondering why Technics stopped building this wonderful keyboard ...few years back they were selling for around A$2,000 but I hope to find it much cheaper now.

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