Technics KN 6000 Keyboard Review

by Al

Technics kn 6000 Keyboard

Technics kn 6000 Keyboard

The Technics KN 6000 keyboard is one of the pro-quality models in the KN series. Here is a complete review of the kn6000.

Technics kn6000 keyboard review

In terms of features and customization, Technics keyboards have always been one step ahead. No wonder these keyboards are still in demand in-spite of the keyboard offerings from the likes of the Yamaha (PSR series) and Korg (PA series).

Technics KN 6000 Keyboard Review

Control over the Rhythms

Most technics keyboards, especially the earlier ones, come with a 5 part rhythm but in this case, the rhythm section in kn6000 has 8 parts, which makes it sound better.

Another cool feature is that you can add effects to the various sounds in the rhythm section. This gives you all the control to vary the styles to some extent, as per your liking.

Display is Customizable

This is another area which everybody uses the most. Every keyboard player keeps on referring to it to see the various selections.

Technics KN 6000 Keyboard

The best part in the Technics kn6000 keyboard is that you can customize the Display as per your liking. Once set, it will default to the setting that you have made every time you switch it on.

Vocal Harmonizer & Brasseliser

These are other useful functions that complement your keyboard playing, especially when performing onstage. You get two useful functions - the vocal harmonizer and the brasseliser. As the name suggests the vocal harmoniser adds voice harmonies to your singing and the brasseliser adds high quality brass instrument. This is useful particularly when singing the chorus part. 'm sure you will figure out better ways to use it. Great feature for professional keyboard players who can sing as well.

So overall, the sounds and the feature-set are pretty impressive on the Technics KN-6000 keyboard.

I own a Technics kn 6000 Keyboard - Mic input plug problem

The mic input plug or the receptor on my Technics kn 6000 keyboard makes an intermittent contact.

I suspect an internal problem.

Looking for a repair shop close to Pasadena to fix my Technics kn 6000 keyboard.

- Thx

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May 09, 2013
Keys for Technics 6000.
by: Rev Jean-Claude Kayumba (50 Cravenwood Road, Manchester M8 5AN)


Our church Technics 6000 keyboard needs 11 keys (starting from the last one moving backwards). We don't know where to get them form. Can you please help me. Thanks.

Rev Jean-Claude Kayumba
079 6189 4383/0161 795 3652.

Feb 18, 2013
Technics KN100 Keyboard - Cannot get a disk to play
by: Jeanette (NZ)

I own a Technics KN100 keyboard. I cannot get a disk to play. I follow the instructions in the manual very carefully and every time "No disk" comes up on the screen.

Can anybody help?

Sep 29, 2011
Technic KN6000 - How to Move Data to PC
by: Les Chittick

I Want to know what I need by way of leads and software to enable me to move data from technic KN6000 keyboard to a pc, as well as from computer to keyboard?


Jul 17, 2011
Technics Piano Keyboard kn6000 Repair
by: Ray Duffield

Where can I get my technics keyboard repaired in south australia

Jun 02, 2011
Starting problems on Technics kn 6000 Keyboard
by: sue

Starting problems on Technics kn 6000 Keyboard...

Hi out there, is there any1 who can help me we?

I have a kn6000 but am having problems starting the organ. We have played it for several times but now will not work.

We can only turn on and off. Any suggestions?

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