Technics KN 2000 Keyboard Review

by Stan
(New Zealand)

Technics KN 2000 Keyboard

Technics KN 2000 Keyboard

The Technics KN 2000 keyboard is a good entry to intermediate level model in the KN series. Here is a complete review of the kn2000.

Technics KN 2000 Keyboard Review

Technics keyboards have always had excellent sounds, especially their piano and electric piano sounds. Mind you, when the Technics KN 2000 keyboard was launched, it was definitely not among the less expensive keyboards.

Because of their features and top notch sound quality, no wonder the used technics keyboards are still in demand among avid piano keyboard players.

Technics kn-2000 keyboard Features

Here are some of the highlights of the Technics kn2000 keyboard:

Technics KN 2000 Keyboard

It is very user-friendly and the piano sounds are great. Non-piano sounds could have been better though.

The LCD display screen is decent sized and clearly shows the volume controls for each part, and which instruments are playing/selected currently.

You can easily switch from one instrument to another when you are playing with an accompaniment.

The sounds are lively, which sound even better when hooked up to an amplifier or external speakers.

You get polyphony of 64 notes, dynamic accompaniments, built-in sequencers, which are great features to have on the kn2000 keyboard.

Technics KN 2000 Keyboard Review

Overall - Technics kn2000 keyboard

So the feature set and sound is pretty good on this keyboard. If you want more professional features, then you may check out the Technics kn 6000 / Technics kn 6500 keyboards. But otherwise, the Technics kn-2000 is a good keyboard to have.

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How can I transfer the music that I record on a 3.5inch floppy into my computer? The disc formats are different.

Any suggestions?


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Apr 21, 2012
Regarding Floppy Drive
by: Suresh

What is it that you have in the floppy disks? I mean, don't you already have all that data stored in your computer?

You can definitely replace the floppy drive of your keyboard. It is just like the replacing a floppy drive on a computer. But then whether it will work or not will also depend on what floppy your current keyboard supports.

The earlier keyboards supported 3.5 floppy disks with 746KB or 730KB capacity but the most recent floppy disks are 1.44MB. So you will have to do some trial & error methods here.

Apr 20, 2012
Very important for me
by: Anonymous

I have a keyboard that I work with but here is what is happening to me the floppy disk machine 3.5 of the keyboard does not work anymore and I don't know why and where can I get a new floppy disk.

For you to know who I am and what I can do go to google and write onemanshow25 and you will see who I am and what I can do with this keyboard please answer me with a good answer.

I am waiting anxiously for an answer from you
my e mail is

For you to know I have been in show business for 72 years

I hope you will answer me thank you
roland montreuil

Mar 10, 2012
Lost Power Adaptor for my Technics KN2000
by: Jennie

I loaned my keyboard to my daughter and it has come back with no power adaptor. Can anyone tell me what power adaptor spec I need and where I can find one please?

Sep 14, 2011
Looking for a Technics KN2000 keyboard
by: Robert (Mexico)

I have a US address, living in Mx. I need to find a Technics KN2000 keyboard.
Thank you
R Warren

Jan 08, 2011
Technics KN2000 Keyboard - Transfer Music to Computer
by: Mike

The Technics KN2000 is still the best keyboard as far as I am concerned.

To the fellow that wanted to know how to transfer music from his keyboard to his computer. Your computer needs to have a sound card with a midi port. Get a program called Cakewalk. You are in business.

I do this transfer back and forth all the time. If you need help or have questions, email me at I am a technician and have been since 1962.


Dec 30, 2010
Technics Panasonic SX-KN2000 Keyboard - Modulator button and Key problems
by: Phyllia

I recently moved my Panasonic (Technics) sx-KN2000 keyboard to another room.
Evidently it joggled loose because of which the modulator button now has no spring to it, and some of the keys sound weird.

Do I take apart the compartment and try to spray dust it, if part needs repair? I am in Palm Springs Ca.


Technics Panasonic SX-KN2000 Keyboard - Modulator button and Key problems

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