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Introducing the Technics KN 1000 - Here is a Complete Review

The Technics KN 1000 - If you are looking for a good used keyboard to begin learning, this can be a good option. Here is a complete review of the KN-1000.

Technics Keyboard Pianos

Technics keyboards used to be among the leading manufacturers of arrangers in the 90s but not any more, nevertheless, the Technics KN keyboards are still good quality keyboards.

If you are getting a good deal on a Technics kn1000, go for it; you can begin your learning on this keyboard instrument.

Sounds & Expressiveness

The important thing is that the Technics kn-1000 has touch sensitivity keys which is essential to be able to play with expressions. In terms of the number of sounds, you get many voices, styles and effects. The better ones are notably the piano, electric piano sounds.

Technics kn 1000, Technics kn1000


Besides the usual voices, styles and effects, which are in plenty, you get midi which you can use to connect to a computer. You also have a built-in sequencer for easy recording of your musical ideas. There are NO sound expansion capabilities though.

Technics KN 7000 Keyboard

Ease of Use

The Technics KN 1000 keyboard is easy to use. Besides, the user manual tells you how to use the various functions; the midi section in the manual could have been more comprehensive. The Patch editor is also very easy to use, just as in a synthesizer; you can easily tweak the various sounds.


It's a good keyboard for beginners to learn keyboards. It has all the required sounds and functions. If you are on a tight budget and do not mind buying a used keyboard, you can definitely consider the kn-1000. If you intend to sell your Technics kn keyboard, please be realistic about the price you are expecting since you may have paid a lot more when you would have bought it.

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Jan 25, 2014
Floppy drive
by: Tim


You'll have to check locally. It should be similar to a floppy drive on computer, but you need to be comfortable replacing it yourself.

Check with a local musical instrument shop, or you may even get in touch with a hardware engineer.

Jan 25, 2014
Floppy drive replacement
by: Nils (Sweden)

My disc-station has break down so where can I buy a Floppy Drive 3,5" Internel to my Technics KN-1000, PCM Keyboard?

May 24, 2012
Keyboard manual kn1000
by: Amy

Here is a site with a free download for the manual.

May 02, 2012
Technics KN1000 Keyboard - Manual !!
by: Jens Ole Lundsgaard

Hi everybody !!

Please try to help me - I am in Thailand and miss my Users Manual (in english) for my old Technics KN1000 Keyboard ...

I forgot it in Denmark when I moved over here !!

I have been looking everywhere - but has not been able to find a Site where I can download a copy !!

Panasonic has - but they want money for it - and too much ..

I see my friend from Holland has one in english - so may be U could send it to me ??

Please contact me at: - so we may find a solution !!

Kind regards , Jens Ole Lundsgaard - old guy of 72 now ..

Apr 25, 2012
Floppy drive for Technics KN1000 Piano Keyboard
by: Sander Duijff (Hoogerheide, The Netherlands)

My problem is finding a solution for a defective floppy drive, to repair or replace by interchangeable other 3,5 inch floppy drive drive. Because the drive in the keyboard is not similar to other floppy drives, i searched the web for pin diagrams etc and schematics. Are there any suggestions??

Apr 25, 2012
Technics SX-KN 1000 Keyboard Review & Queries
by: Gaston (Holland)

I have a second hand Technics SX-KN 1000 keyboard, but there the user manual is only in the English language.

I am looking for a Dutch version of the user manual.
Does one exist in the Dutch version?

Thanks for your help.

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