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Lots of students who want to learn to play the piano start learning on the keyboards. And as they spend more time with the gear, over the period of a few years, there expectation from an arranger changes completely.

They want their keyboard to have good sounds, hot styles, sequencer, big screen, ability to edit sound parameters and much more. An instrument like this today would easily set you back by a few thousand dollars and there are some big names which produced these.

Until a few years back, especially when it comes to arrangers, there was one name which was quite popular and used to have products that would compete with the likes of Yamaha.

Definitely not an easy thing to do, and your products have to be really good to be able to do that. But Technics was able to do it quite well with its superb line up of keyboards, ranging from beginner keyboards to the ones that had workstation capabilities.

Users looking for a variety of arrangers, great sound and multiple features would opt for a Technics keyboard / synthesizer, especially the KN series.

The KN series had a wide range of arranger keyboards, which gave lots of options to people with different skills levels. The KN series used to compete directly with the higher models in the Yamaha PSR series. That means these instruments had really good sound quality; no wonder then that there is still a lot of demand for Technics used keyboards.

But having said that, after it has been taken over by Panansonic, users are getting virtually no support for their products especially their very old models! And the situation seems very unlikely to change in the future too.

Technics Keyboard, Technics Keyboards

Here's more on these great products.

Great Sounds And Styles

The musical styles offered by the Technics keyboards and the sounds available in the higher KN models (5000/6000/7000) are excellent and used by a large number of performing musicians.

Though most of them are arranger keyboards, the higher models like the KN7000 are actually arranger workstations, which give you all the features to compose and mix your own tracks.

The repertoire of sounds included in the KN7000 Technics keyboard include string, wind, brass and percussion instruments, all sampled from live performances to ensure authentic sound.

Most of these sounds include multiple variations. For example, in the KN7000 keyboard, the string samples have a heavier vibrato effect which makes them apt for classical musical pieces.

New Features

In the new KN7000 model, the hard drive, found in previous models, is replaced with an SD Card drive, so all data transfer happens through SD memory cards.

Technics KN Keyboard Review

Further, a USB port is included to connect directly to a PC. You can send your tracks to the PC and do the entire recording and mixing on the PC.

You can burn your CD or you can distribute your recording on the Internet.

In addition to this, loads of new sounds and styles ranging from classical to contemporary have been introduced.

Various Models

The Technics range of products includes keyboards, Stage Pianos, Digital pianos and Digital Ensemble Pianos. The models in the KN series (keyboards with accompaniments) are -

KN7000, KN6500, KN6000, KN5000, KN3000, KN2400 / KN2600, KN1600, KN1500, KN1200, KN920, KN901, KN701, KN750, KN720, KN501, KN500

Though Technics is known for its arranger keyboards, Technics also produces a wide range of digital pianos. Check the links below.

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