Replacement Parts for Yamaha Motif

by Suresh

List of places where you can buy replacement parts for Yamaha Motif synth workstation keyboard.

One obvious place is the Yamaha official site and look for the Parts section, You may contact support in case you are unable to find the link.

Other option is to go to a local music shop and check with them for the parts.

This being a professional keyboard, it makes sense to seek expert advice, though if you're comfortable opening up a board and dealing with all the circuit boards and wires inside, then go ahead and do it.

Here are the replacement parts that most users usually need:

Piano Keys, white key / hammer, black key / hammer, Key return spring, Keyboard contact board, Keyboard sensor board

Display, Contact strip, Pushbutton tact switch, Ribbon cable (9-wire, 15-wire) keyboard contact boards

Battery, AC power socket, Power cord, Power switch cap

Buttons, rotary Knobs, Volume Knob, Slider knob
Pitch bend/mod wheel, Spring, for pitch bend wheel
rotary Potentiometer for mod wheel & pitch bend
Slide potentiometer

Encoder knob (data dial)
Key contact assembly, 12-note
Key contact assembly, 13-note
Phone jack

In case, you know of any good suppliers of these parts, please let us know here on this thread, for the benefit of other users as well.

replacement parts for Yamaha Motif...

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