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Best Piano News: Keyboard Magazine to keep you abreast of the latest music trends. Find places to buy new and used pianos, read interviews with music superstars, and music learning tips / master classes.

International Piano

International Piano

This one is a must have for all piano fanatics. If you had to choose only one piano magazine, it should be this one. It is a rare jewel and indispensable for pianists. It covers piano virtuosos, past and present, along with their repertoire, talks about the lives of pianists and composers, how they practice, what they are working on currently, and how they started. It's a classical music magazine for the piano world and also covers festivals, competitions, sheet music, and concerts.

Piano JournaL

Piano Journal

Features interviews with distinguished pianists and teachers. Covers articles on teaching, examinations, festivals and music reviews. Includes articles on repertoire, profiles of popular pianists and teachers.

Claviers Piano Explorer

Claviers Piano Explorer

Includes useful features on theory, practice and recital techniques, student compositions and bios of famous composers; also covers instrument reviews. Though the description says it is piano teachers, it is actually more suitable for piano students. It’s packed with some great information for music students.

Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound

One of the best music recording technology magazine, be it for digital or analogue recording. Read in-depth reviews of synthesizers, recording systems, music software, etc. and find useful tutorials / workshops. You will also find interviews with top industry professionals.

Industry News

Looking for the latest piano news, music show reports, new launches and music industry?

Find a list of the best keyboard & piano magazines. Keep abreast of the latest music trends; get reviews of the latest products. 

These magazines also carry interviews with prominent musicians, covering their musical journey as well as sharing their practice methods and a look into the instruments they use. 

You can draw a lot of inspiration from reading these interviews on Piano and Keyboard magazines, and get access to some cool music learning tips / masterclasses. 

Buying Best Piano & Parts

One common question posted frequently by users is which is the best piano in the world, and I'm sure you also realize that it can be quite subjective. Get the various perspectives from the world's most popular piano & keyboard magazine. 

Information about the best piano models, there prices, services & dealer network, availability of spare parts. Find if you can avail finance options and insurance. 

Find new and used pianos, buy or sell your piano, compare new and used piano prices & values. You can find all the help you need to choose the best new piano for you. 

Music Technology

Though most keyboard and piano magazine focus on popular pianists and their performances, there are still a lot of users who are looking for some solid information on music technology and recording. 

It should not be surprising because digital pianos are quite popular nowadays, and it is quite easy to connect it to a computer and setup a recording studio. You can easily create your own mixes, but for it to sound good you have do things the right way. There are keyboard magazine that will help you here; you'll find useful tips and tutorial on various recording aspects. 

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Besides the Product reviews and the Interviews, you will also find a section on music lessons for players with various skill levels. Most of these Piano and Keyboard magazines also offer a CD which contains some demo software or practice lessons. It is a good idea to subscribe to some of these magazines as it will keep you updated on the latest happenings in your field of music.

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