Piano Brands - List of Traditional Acoustic Piano Makers

Piano brands - Here is a list of the major piano makers of traditional upright and grand acoustic pianos! Some of these manufacture digital pianos as well.

We all know that traditionally, acoustic pianos have been a complex instrument to manufacture, and it is still today.

It may have gone through various iterations over centuries but the modern piano still requires a good amount of skills to make.

Piano Brands

If you have seen, how pianos work, you can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the making of this fine music instrument.

So how many brands of pianos are you aware of?

If you have been playing digital keyboards and pianos then you will come up with names like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg and Kurzweil. May be some of you may throw in a few more names like Kawai, Williams, and Suzuki. A few others may have heard of names like Steinway, because they are one of the more expensive pianos around, though definitely not the most expensive.

But if you have owned an acoustic piano and have been actively playing the piano for a few years now, you will appreciate the fact that there are lots of more piano brands out there that make quality pianos; some of them are more focused in particular regions of the world.

Again, some of them are more into upright pianos, whereas others make uprights as well as grand pianos. So here are a few names of piano manufacturers:

Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Mason & Risch, Sohmer, Baldwin, Knabe, Bush & Lane, McPhail, Haines Bros., Foster, Ivers & Pond, Henry F. Miller, Hallet & Davis, Kranich & Bach, Decker, Gibbons & Stone, Young Chang, Kurtzman, Weber, Schomacker, Blasius, Esteys, Fischer, Heintzman, Bennet, Schimmel, Stieff, George Steck. Knabe, Chickering, Kemble, Seiler, gulbransen, Kimball, Bechstein, Bluthner, Bosendorfer...

Piano Manufacturers

Do you have a piano that doesn't fall in this list? I'm sure this is not the exhaustive list and you surely would have something that is a good brand. If you have been trying to get it refurbished or intend to sell it off, it may be wise to consult a good piano technician and seek his/her opinion to get the best deal for your acoustic piano.

All the names mentioned here are big companies, and have existed for several decades now. You can see that most of these piano makers of upright and grand pianos are based in US, Germany, Japan and a few in other European countries.

Here are some of the big piano names (grouped by country):

Location - American
Baldwin Pianos from Gibson
Chickering Pianos

Location – Europe (Germany)
Bluthner Piano Centre
Location – Europe (Germany)
Bosendorfer Pianos
Location – Europe (Austria)
Broadwood & Sons
Location – Europe (UK)
Chavanne Pianos
Location – Europe (France)
Ed. Seiler Pianos
Location – Europe (Germany)
Gors & Kallmann Pianos
Location – Europe (UK)
Ibach Sohn
Location – Europe (Germany)
Kemble & Co Ltd
Location – Europe (UK)
Mason & Hamlin Pianos
Location - American
Period Piano Company
Location – Europe (UK)

Piano Brands Manufacturers - Makers of Leading Acoustic Upright and Grand Pianos

Schimmel Pianos
Location – Europe (Germany)
Schulze Pollmann
Location – Europe (Italy)
Steingraeber & Söhne
Location – Europe (Germany)
Location – Europe (UK)
Steinway Pianos - Steinway & Sons
Location – American
Weber Pianos
Location – Europe (UK)
Weber Pianos
Yamaha Pianos
Location – Asia (Japan)
Young Chang Pianos
Location – American


The purpose of this article is not just to educate you on the various brands of pianos that exist in the market but also to let you know that if you are looking for a used piano, then you may consider one of these piano brands. You still need to go through the regular due diligence process. In case you own one of these pianos and it has not been in the greatest of shape, rebuilding the piano can transform it into a much better piano. And if you can play the piano really well, you will be amazed to hear how good your newly rebuilt piano could sound.

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