Peavey KB Series keyboard amplifier User Reviews

by Ron

Peavey KB-1, KB-2, KB-3, KB-4, KB-5 keyboard amplifier User Reviews

Apart from the Roland and Behringer, Peavey is a Brand that has a varied range of keyboard amps with different watts and prices.

In fact they have one of the best amplifiers when it comes to usage for a big audience.

The Peavey KB-1 amp is good for small venues but the KB-5 is perfect if you need lots of sound for a much bigger audience.

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Feb 21, 2011
Peavey KB 1 Review - Compact and Suitable for smaller venues
by: Kenny

Peavey KB-1 Review - Compact and Suitable for smaller venues.

I play the digital organ in my church and wanted to buy a decent, affordable Amp/PA system for worship services.

I do have some more gear - 4 track mixer and Shure dynamic microphones for vocals. The Peavey KB-1 provides a clear tone and this pretty much serves my purpose.

Feb 21, 2011
Peavey KB-4 and KB 5 Reviews for V-Drums/Electronic drums
by: Jerry

I considered the KB-4 and KB-5 amps for my requirements, but then chose the Peavey KB-5. Primarily because it was more powerful and I thought it would handle Electronic drums in a much better way than the KB-4.

Of course the difference is more than 100 bucks, so the KB-5 had to deliver and it really did. I own a Roland V-drum kit and a friend of mine suggested me this amp.

Though I had some reservations earlier, I did give it a try and I am really impressed with its sound.

Like most top of the line amps, this amp has low end and mid range for the kick drum and toms, and high end for the snare and cymbals, has a horn too. You get lots of low end punch for the kick drum.

I would totally recommend it to V-Drums/Electronic drums players.

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