MIDI Connection, Keyboard to Keyboard

by Joseph Williams
(Georgetown, KY)

How do I make a MIDI Connection, Keyboard to Keyboard (Radio Shack MD1700 / Casio 3700 keyboard)?

I have an older Radio Shack MD1700 which is a clone to the Casio 1600 series. The keyboard I currently enjoy is a Casio 3700. Can these two keyboards be connected by a single midi cable connection?

I enjoy very much playing each of these boards, as each has features and tones/rhythms that I like. Just thought it would be relevant to 'sync' them together and see what comes out.

Don't know all I should about midi, but as a retired 68 yr old engineer, who is fascinated with being able to play the EKM series music and Casio's one fingered chords allow me to do so. In the last year or so, I have read much data on how these boards operate and I am fascinated by that also.

I have successfully downloaded from the Casio Music site to the 3700 so I know the Midi on that machine works fine. There is nothing on the Casio site for the older MD1700 but most articles I read, Midi is Midi and it should work.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Joseph Williams
PS. I find your site very helpful.

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Can I Connect Technics kn6000 midi keyboard to Digital piano with just USB connection?
by: Jessy (Sydney, Australia)

Can I Connect Technics kn6000 midi keyboard to Digital piano with just USB connection?

I own a Technics kn-6000 and am also planning to buy a digital piano. Want to know if it will be possible to play the sounds of my KN6000 from the digital piano using MIDI.

One thing that I have observed is that most recent digital keyboard instruments have a USB slot for transferring MIDI, whereas my Technics kn6000 keyboard has the earlier round midi slots.

I did some search and it seems there are midi cables or interfaces that can be used to inter-connect these different types, but I thought they all were meant to be connected to a computer.

Is that correct, or can it be used for connecting two digital instruments?

Basically what I want to know is, whether using some midi cable, is it possible for me to trigger / play the sounds of my Technics kn6000 keyboard by pressing the keys on a digital piano.

Thanks for your help!

Connect Microkorg XL Korg synths to Yamaha 88 key digital piano
by: Anonymous

When you connect a synthesizer (Yamaha So3) to a MicroKORG XL through a MIDI cable, what can you do.

Does anything even happen?

Connect Microkorg XL Korg synths to Yamaha 88 key digital piano
by: Peter

I don't think it is a big deal. You will have to connect the MIDI-Out of the Yamaha 88 key digital piano to the MIDI-in on the microkorg XL Korg synth.

In fact, you can use any midi keyboard, even a 61 key yamaha psr keyboard instead of Yamaha 88 key digital piano.

Connect Microkorg XL Korg synths to Yamaha 88 key digital piano
by: Rishi (Banagalore, India)

Is it possible to connect my Microkorg XL Korg synths directly to Yamaha 88 key digital piano through MIDI?

I'm going to buy myself a Microkorg XL and I want to know if I can connect it directly to a Yamaha 88 key digital piano, without involving a computer in between.

I remember seeing a similar video on Youtube for connecting Korg synths to some other keyboard so I think it should work, but I just want to ensure that it will work. If not, I will buy something else.


Follow-up on MIDI Connection, Keyboard to Keyboard
by: Joe

As usual, My dilema with the MIDI connection of two keyboards centered around my orientation of the MIDI system. The MD1700, being the older of the two keyboards quite frankly has a MIDI system that is very complicated to the neophite.

My main problem with the 'connection' was simply to energize it with the external controls available on the 1700. So, at the moment, I am able to see the key relationship from the main (WK3700) on the slave (MD1700) but have not fully realized the dual connection (Tones) from one to the other. I would assume these would be similar to layering on an individual keyboard.

However, all in all, I am fascinated with the capabilities of these instruments, and enjoy this new found hobby tremendously. I have found some older 'Playing Keyboard' magazines from the '90's and to me it is a treasure trove of information and music for these keyboards. If anyone knows what replaced this magazine, please let me know.

MIDI Connection, Keyboard to Keyboard
by: Suresh

Lot of keyboardists, who perform on-stage, do this type of MIDI connection so that they can use the best sounds / features from each of their keyboards.

In terms of connection, it is not difficult. You connect the MIDI-In of one keyboard to the MIDI-out of the other keyboard, and vice versa.

All the sound and style data is transmitted over channels, usually 16 of them. Once the connection is done, you need to check if the keyboards are setup to listen to the data on the different channels. Make sure the volume on both the keyboards is set to an appropriate level, so that you can clearly hear the output from both the keyboards.

PS: Thanks for your comments about the site.

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