Lighted keyboards Make It Easy to Learn to Play

Lighted Keyboard Piano, Light up Keyboard PianoLighted keyboards are fun to use and its a lot easier to learn songs on this keyboard. Lot of beginners can start playing songs from the very first day (almost).

Why is it Useful?

It is much easier to learn songs on a lighted keyboard and a lot of beginners will find its feature extremely useful.

Here are a few reasons for learning to play on a lighted keyboard.

Learning is much easier for your kids

Fun way to learn to play keyboards

Quickest way to get started on electronic keyboards

Start playing songs from Day One

Currently Yamaha and Casio are the two manufacturers who make lighted musical keyboards.

This is hardly a surprise as they have always been committed to make learning keyboards easier for the absolute beginner.

How Does it Work?

In lighted music keyboards, whenever you select a song and play it, the correct keys get lit up and they act as a guide to you so that you can play the correct notes.

The keys stay lit unless you press them and when you press those keys the next correct keys (notes) get lit up which you have to play.

In this way it guides you through the complete song.

Various Products/Models

Casio makes electronic keyboards with lighted keys in its LK series of keyboards. The Lk-280 is a lighted music keyboard from Casio.

The EZ-220 electronic keyboard is a 61-key lighted keyboard from Yamaha.

These keyboards have a lot of musical features and are available at an affordable price, making them ideal entry level keyboards.

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Checkout the best Lighted Keyboards from Yamaha & Casio

Lighted keyboard

Final Thoughts

These are full featured arranger keyboards with a good selection of pre-programmed music, realistic Sounds and the higher models have touch-sensitive keys as well. The light-up keys are fun to use, for children more than adults. The built-in speakers are good for personal use. Overall, lighted keyboards can be used by children (and even adults if you can live with the lighted keys features). These can be used for learning to play keyboards and these also have MIDI feature for more possibilities.

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