Learn to Play Piano Keyboard 
The Right Way

Learn to Play Piano Keyboard
Learn to play piano keyboard the right way. What to expect as you take the first step towards learning and playing the digital piano keyboard.

I am sure if you are reading this page, deep within yourself, you are already convinced that you want to play this wonderful instrument.

You just want to know the right steps to proceed!

You want to know what would be the best use of your time and money if you want to begin learning to play the piano keyboard.

How Much Time it Takes?

Before you get into the details like what books to buy or which teacher to go to, it is important that you set your expectations correct regarding the timeframe it takes to learn.

This is not like learning to swim or learning to ride a bike where you could be up and running in probably a month’s time. If you have not learnt any musical instrument before, it is quite possible that you may get disappointed with the time it takes to learn to play the piano.

So how much time does it take to learn to play piano / keyboard? Depends on what level you want to reach, but here are some indications.

• Within 6 months you should be able to play most of the nursery rhymes and simple tunes.
• In a years time, maybe some of your favorite songs.
• In 2 years, probably all your favorite songs.
• In 5 years time you should be able to play in various musical styles, should be able to recognize and play most of the chords, and should be able to improvise.
• 10 years and more, you can become a professional.

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Is Growth Guaranteed?

Out of the timeframes mentioned above, the last 2 depends purely on how much you practice and how you plan to grow. Just because you spend 5 years or 10 years playing the piano does not mean you will reach high levels of proficiency.

You will need to constantly assess your playing and improve in the weak areas. In case you intend to become a professional, you will need to plan your career. You will need to decide what type of songs you want to play and then build a repertoire of songs in those areas.

Here's a video showing the various Piano Learning Methods

What Else?

Remember, everybody who plays the piano effortlessly had to start from zero. So if you have no knowledge about music, there is no need to worry. But if you’re not committed and looking for shortcuts, it is not going to work.

So be prepared to put in the efforts if you really want to learn and master piano.

Private lessons can be good, but expensive, and won’t offer you flexibility in terms of timings of the lessons. Self-help options are available in plenty so you may try them as well.

I think this aspect regarding the timeframe is important to know. There is lots of information on this site regarding the other things like which books are good or which teacher should I go to. I hope you will find them useful.

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