korg sp250

by Suresh

Korg SP250 Piano


The Korg SP250 digital piano is perfect for students & for seasoned Players, who are looking for an 88-key portable, lightweight piano with rich piano sounds. The sounds are of very high quality and it comes with a RH3 graded action keyboard.

Straightforward, Easy to use

Simple Design

You may also checkout the newer version - korg sp-280, which was recently released.

But that means, you can now get some really good deals on the SP-250, including used options.

Best Place to Buy

On Musician's Friend,
Used Korg SP-250 (for around $350)


What Users Like about this Piano
Most of the users find it very straightforward and easy to use. Like most portable digital pianos for home use, it does not have lots of buttons to it. It can be played straight out of the box.

The piano sounds are excellent even though it lacks a real piano's looks and "oomph". Bass sounds, voice sounds (choir related sounds), strings, pads are excellent on the Korg sp 250 piano.

What Other Options You Have?
Some of the other options that user consider when they are looking for their first digital piano is the Casio px-320, Yamaha p95, Yamaha P-155, Yamaha DGX-630, and the Roland FP4, besides the Korg sp 250 piano.

Each of them has their own positives. But if one has to select the Korg sp-250 piano over the others, here is it why it would be.

  • Roland FP4 and Yamaha P-155 are excellent but then much more expensive

  • Yamaha P-95 is lightweight and more for the regular stage performer on a modest budget

  • Casio px-320 is good but then many people do not see Casio as a top quality piano brand. Besides, it comes with lot of built-in rhythms, which some users do not want.

  • One reason you may want to choose one of these is if you have already owned that brand before, in which case you could be a bit biased.

  • Korg sp250
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    Great Sound
    The korg sp-250 has a superb piano sound and it sincerely delivers the dynamics associated with piano playing. The sp 250 also has a vintage electric grand and an authentic honky-tonk piano sound.

    Besides the piano sounds, it also features church and jazz organs, string and choir sounds, harpsichord and guitar sounds.

    Graded action Keyboard
    The korg sp 250 piano features the RH3 graded action keyboard which gives the same playing experience as a grand piano.

    The keys are heavier on the bass side and become lighter as you move to the right.

    Built-in Sound System
    The korg sp250 comes with a pair of high quality built-in speakers and amplifiers (11W) which beautifully reproduces the rich sounds of the korg sp250.

    The deep resonances of the piano sounds are heard clearly with the bass-reflex speakers.

    External connectivity
    The SP-250 comes with MIDI in/out jack which enables you to connect your piano to a PC.

    This way you can use your piano as a MIDI controller and use it to trigger sounds within an external software sequencer like Sonar or Cubase.


    Here are some more features:

  • 30 sounds, 60 notes polyphony

  • 30 demo songs

  • Effects – Reverb, Chorus and layering feature

  • Key Transpose feature

  • Metronome

  • MIDI in/out

  • Weight - 41.89 lbs / 19 kg (without the stand)

  • Included - AC adapter, Stand, Music stand, and Damper pedal (half-pedaling supported

  • Video Review

    Lowest Prices on SP-250 here...

    Overall Ratings

    The Korg SP-250 is a top quality portable piano with amazing sounds and an expressive graded action keyboard. It does not have any built-in musical styles but comes with other features like chorus & reverb effects, layering and key transpose feature.

    A stand and a pedal, that supports half-pedaling, is usually included depending on the offer. The only difference between the SP250 Black and the SP250 White is the color. All other features are the same.


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