Korg PA 800 vs Yamaha Psr s910 arranger keyboard

by Benny
(Goa, India)

Korg PA 800 vs Yamaha Psr s910 arranger keyboard

Korg PA 800 vs Yamaha Psr s910 arranger keyboard

Any views on which is a better arranger, the Korg PA 800 or the Yamaha psr s910 keyboard?

I have been using the Yamaha psr 550 for the last couple of years but now I am looking for a high-end arranger keyboard, which I will be using for my solo performances.

I have always felt that Korg arrangers are more professional and hence I was thinking of the Korg PA 800, but then it is a few hundred dollars more expensive for my budget :(

And that is where I started looking at the Yamaha PSR s910 arranger. I have played it and actually it is not bad but it's just that my mind is set on the Korg PA 800.

What do you guys suggest? Should I go with the Yamaha PSR s910 or stretch my budget and go for Korg PA 800?

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Korg PA 800 vs Yamaha Psr s910 arranger keyboard review
by: Suresh

This is really not a comparison, even considering from a price perspective. The difference is almost 1000 bucks. For pros who are hard core gear freaks, any PSR keyboard does not even feature in their wish list. No offence to anybody please. The Yamaha PSR s910 has some good backing styles and may be good for someone who likes to play as a one man band, that is you are the singer as well or maybe you accompany another singer.

Korg is where you get the real sounds. You can play some of the coolest funky base lines. From a usability perspective, the various knobs and sliders and the touch screen makes it on par with the Tyros (personal view). The keys of the PA-800 are very light which makes them suitable for playing Hammond like chops and gliss.

You do have excellent piano sounds on these boards as well but then the lighter keys doesn't bring out the best of the piano sound. It might make sense (if you can afford it) to invest in another good Roland stage piano with fully weighted keys and use it as a master with your Korg PA-800.

Korg PA 800 vs Yamaha Psr s910 arranger keyboard Review
by: Alex


I was gifted a Yamaha PSR-s910 recently by my wife and I will admit that I love that keyboard, though I am a die-hard Korg fan.

Though the Yamaha styles are good, some of them are not on par with the Korg PA800. Besides, you need to pay to get extra styles for your PSR. That's quite annoying.

The Korg PA800 is a bit expensive but it is professional. I would not call the Yamaha PSR-s910 as something for home users, maybe a semi-professional arranger keyboard.

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