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Define, Select and Compare Piano Keyboards

Find the right keyboard instrument for your needs based on features like performance, ease of use, price and even overall rating. You may want to go through the various guides to get an idea of the various keyboard instruments / categories and how do they differ from each other.

Here are some recommendations:

For Beginners: Kids & Adults

Toy Keyboards & Pianos
Personal Keyboards
Keyboards for Adults
Digital Pianos

Performance Synths

Based on Number of Keys


Various Price Bands

Budget Keyboards...

All Bestsellers
Portables < $200
Arrangers < $500
76-Keys Piano < $400
88-Keys Piano < $500

Stage Pianos < $1000
Stage Pianos < $1500
Best Pro Stage Pianos
Home Pianos < $1500
Arrangers & Synths...

Arrangers < $1000
Synth < $700
Synth < $1000
Best Pro Arrangers
Best Pro Workstations

61-Key Controllers
88-Key Controllers
Compact Controllers

Casio & Yamaha

Casio Keyboards

Casio Mini Keys
LK Lighted Keys
CTK 61-Keys
WK 76-Keys
XW Synthesizers
Casio Pianos

Privia Pianos
Celviano Upright Pianos
Yamaha Keyboards

EZ Lighted Keys
YPT 61-Keys
PSR 61-Keys
YPG 76/88 Keys
DGX 76/88 Keys
Yamah Tyros
Yamaha Motif
Yamaha Pianos

NP Piaggero Pianos
P-series Digital Pianos
CP-series Electric Pianos
Arius YDP Upright Pianos

Korg & Roland


Korg Pianos
Korg PA Arrangers
Korg Synths

Roland Arranger Keyboards
Roland Synthesizers
Roland Portable Stage Pianos
Roland Home Digital Pianos

Made up your mind to start playing the keyboard? You still need to buy the right keyboard.

  • There are some beginners who want authentic piano-like feeling on the digital piano, whereas there some who get inspired by the built-in rhythms, songs and features.
  • There are some who want to start making music and would like to own a performance synthesizer with tons of tweakable tones and effects, but with a reasonable learning curve.
  • Budding composers, on the other hand, prefer arranger keyboards that offer higher-quality sounds with sophisticated backing tracks.
  • There are some who want a workstation keyboards with tools for layering tracks, recording & editing their own music right within the keyboard.
  • That's not all! You also need a few extras -- the accessories. You can choose from pedals, keyboard stands, cases/bags, benches, cables, and a keyboard amplifier.

Here are more excellent keyboards and pianos suited for various skills and requirements.

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