Electric Keyboards – Piano Keyboard Synthesizers with Cutting-Edge Sounds

Electric keyboards for performing onstage or for studio recording! An Electric Piano Keyboard Synthesizer is a versatile keyboard instrument with powerful features and cutting-edge sounds.

Ready to take the next step in the world of digital music? Have a look at the electric synthesizer keyboard!

An Electric keyboard is another way of referring to the electronic keyboard, especially the keyboard synthesizer, because of its cutting-edge sounds.

Most of these keyboards do not come with built-in speakers. Reason being, these keyboards are not meant for beginners, and are usually used by professionals or semi-professionals.

Since they perform or record with these keyboards, they would anyways need high quality external monitors (speakers) for these keyboards.

Electric Piano Keyboard Synthesizer, Electric Keyboards

Electric Keyboard - Various Features

  • One of the most important features on electric piano-keyboards is the arpeggiator. These instruments have some stunning patterns, which you can use in your recordings or even on-stage. They also let you create your own patterns.

  • These keyboards are so popular among semi-pros and pros because of their cutting-edge sounds and digital effects. Some of the advanced models give you editing capabilities as well as that you can make your own music from scratch using only this keyboard instrument.

  • An electric keyboard comes with a built-in sequencer/recorder which lets you record your own tunes. You can play your composition on any of the built-in musical style and record the entire song on your keyboard. In some models, you can even create your own musical style and copy your recording on a CD.

  • These keyboards come in various sizes, the most popular being the 61 keys, 76 keys and 88 keys keyboards. Keyboards with 61 keys normally have synth-action keys but keyboards with greater than 61 keys may have weighted action keys. This is because they are more targeted towards the piano players.

  • Popular Models - Electric Piano Keyboard Synthesizer

    A lot of manufacturers make good electric keyboards, the more popular ones being Yamaha Electric Piano Keyboard, Korg Electric Piano Keyboards, Roland Electric Piano Keyboard, besides a few others.

    Yamaha's S-Series & CP series, Rolands Juno series, Korgs M series have been very popular with keyboard players for some time but there are a lot of other keyboards models as well which are equally popular.

    The Internet is a great place if you want the best deals on electric piano keyboards. Here you can compare prices of the various electric keyboards as well.

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