Casio WK 500 76 Key Keyboard Review

by Mendez

Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard

Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard

Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard


The Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard comes with workstation like features (although not a pro keyboard) and can be used for home studio use, open-mic performance for an audience (connected to a good amp/PA), education/classroom applications, or simply for pure musical enjoyment.


76-keys, value-for-money


Non-weighted keys

Best Place to Buy

On Amazon, Casio Wk-500 Model for $280-$320


The Casio WK500 recently workstation keyboard comes with a nice palette of sound and rhythms, and has almost all the features that you can think of in a keyboard.

You get 670 high-quality voices, 200 styles (comes with a Rhythm Editor), auto-accompaniment, and 48-note polyphony for playing complex arrangements.

Who Is It For?

  • For serious beginners who want a mix of arranger features and more than 61 keys
  • For intermediate level players who want more features to play with
  • As a add-on keyboard for experienced players

Casio wk500 76-key Keyboard

Other features on the Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard include 15 digital effects, auto harmonizer, 200 presets, arpeggiator (90 types), song expansion, and an SD card slot for song storage. You also get a pitch-bend wheel for added control.

When it comes to recording, the built-in sequencer will let you record up to max 5 songs, each made up of 6 tracks.

Other recording related features on this Casio keyboard include a USB MIDI interface, line & mic inputs, and sampling feature that allows for 10 seconds of sampling.

The built-in speakers are good, but it will sound much better when you use external amps (such as a Behringer keyboard amp) for your Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard.

Competition Check

At this price point, the keyboards are dominated by the likes of Casio & Yamaha. For the price, this is a great keyboard with tons of features to play with.

However, if you're interested in the Yamaha brand, for a better sound quality (and with somewhat fewer features), you can also consider the YPG-235

Casio WK-500 Keyboard

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Here are the key features of wk-500:

  • 76 piano like keys (not fully weighted)
  • Six-watt Stereo speakers
  • Real time recording
  • On-board sampling
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • SD Memory Card Support
  • USB Port for easy connectivity
  • Step Up Lessons to master a song
  • Several voices, rhythms & songs built-in
  • Auto Harmonize automatically adds harmony to notes you play (adds depth to the melody)
  • Built-in Arpeggiator
  • Transpose Function
  • Audio Input: Connect MP3 or CD players or other devices by plugging them into the stereo mini input jack.
  • Battery or AC Power
  • The package bundle comes with professional closed-cup headphones, single x-braced keyboard stand, and a power supply.

Video Review

Here's video review of this piano:

Lowest Prices on Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard here...

Here are some REAL user comments:

  • The keyboard looks and feels great, the speakers are good, and has lots of other features
  • Easy compatible with the PC from which you can upload tracks and play on the keyboard and vice versa
  • Key action is responsive, the ability to connect to a memory card is very useful.

Overall Ratings

Overall, the Casio wk-500 a value-for-money keyboard, suitable for beginners.


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Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard review
by: DSP

I have had this keyboard for a few months now but its only recently I've started using the pitch bend of my wk-500. While bending the notes down it works fine but while bending it up it makes a weird clicking sound. Is that usual?

Casio wk500 76-Key Keyboard review
by: mLan

I love this keyboard and it completely beats any Yamaha keyboard. The wk-500 also has a scale changer which is a great improvement for a Casio keyboard.

Casio WK-500 76-Key Keyboard review
by: XLR

This keyboard is all about value. Where do you get 76 keys for such a price? I know there would be people who would say the sound is okay and all those things but just look at what you are getting for around 250 bucks.

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