Casio MZ 2000 - Why did it stop production in 2002?

by Brian

Casio mz-2000 Music Keyboard

Casio mz-2000 Music Keyboard

I own a Casio MZ-2000, my second keyboard. Why did it stop production in 2002?

It was the most expensive one that Casio produced (£1300 or so) but was the most sophisticated keyboard in its price range at that time.

The Casio MZ2000 was in strong competition with Technics 5000, which was a lot more expensive.

I find that the Casio MZ-2000 satisfies my requirements, although if I could afford to make a change today I would choose a Yamaha PSRS910, but at £1500 or so, that's a lot of money for the technical upgrade from an MZ2000.

I note that there is no mention of the Casio MZ-2000 in your listings.

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Replacement key
by: Ben

Hi Amy,

You may read here for more on key replacement.

There are lots of videos on how to open and where to find replacement keys.

You may visit some local music store, and try to find some technician locally, they should be able to fix it.

How do I get replacement keys for the MZ-2000?
by: Amy

I have an MZ-2000, and the C key is broken. I need a replacement but apparently they discontinued the parts as well. Does anyone have an extra? Or know where I can get one?

Casio MZ-2000
by: Kris Nicholson

In the year 2000 the Casio MZ-2000 was made and the Arranger keyboards were in Hi Composition back then
Korg PA-80, YAMAHA PSR-8000, Technics KN-5000 ROLAND EM-2000, General Music WK-8 Kawai Z-1000 and then came the CASIO MZ-2000.

The MZ-2000 was in the same year as the WK-1800 but in the US a lot of stores like Guitar Center & Sam Ash where very septic about casio back then because of the name They promoted the CTK & WK Series more when they heard about the MZ alot dint want the MZ in there stores because they where afraid people wont buy a $1700 casio keyboard.

There was another Rumor that the CASIO MZ-200 was made by Technics if you look at the MZ & a KN-5000 They have alot of simultaneity to them including in the Sounds demos and Styles. The casio was designed but Technics but made by Casio and there where only 10,000 MZ units made then a average CTK-611 5 Millon was made

Casio MZ-2000 Great keyboard
by: Steve

The commenter's here are right - the Casio MZ2000 was far and away Casio's best arranger keyboard. But the market was flooded with high-end arrangers in the early 2000s (Technics, Yamaha PSR and Tyros) and MZ2000 sales didn't meet Casio expectations. Plus Casio probably struggled to break away from its reputation as a producer of cheap, plasticky home keyboards (unfairly deserved, because the MZ2000 was the equal of anything in its price range).

To do the commenter who asked if he/she should buy one? Yes definitely, if you can get it cheap enough, but they are hard to come by. I wouldn't pay more than $US400-500 or its equivalent.

What do you get? A lot of sounds, most of which are very good quality. Plenty of pianos, great organs, the brass and sax sounds are terrific for an arranger keyboard. Lots of synth and sound effects sounds too. And you can tweak the synthesis to produce new sounds. There's virtual drawbar organ facility with eight tones, attack, percussion, Leslie, etc. Hundreds of digital effects, some great, some average! A 16-track sequencer, quantisation, ability to load, play and mix SMF (format 0 only). And all the usual arranger stuff like styles, accompaniments, fills, intro/ending, etc. A floppy disk drive so you can save/load SMF, registrations, songs and styles on the Casio MZ-2000 keyboard.

Casio MZ 2000 vs Yamaha PSR Keyboard
by: Treblee

I agree that it was Yamaha that did this product in. Nevertheless, I feel Casio also didn't promote the Casio MZ-2000 keyboard too well. May be they were not sure how to launch a high end keyboard. I had to order this keyboard from a neighboring city as it was not available in the city where I lived in the US.

Casio MZ 2000 High End Music Keyboard
by: MelodyMaker

This is like one of the popular Technics keyboard, which still has a lot of followers and wonder why these models were not supported by their manufacturers. You will still find a lot of takers for the Casio MZ2000, and in the UK you can find one for may be around 200 pounds or so.

I guess Yamaha was good at marketing their products (PSR 9000 and other arranger workstations were launched then) which ate into the market of this keyboard.

Casio MZ2000 Music Keyboard - Slow floppy disk
by: Dell

I think the problem was Casio lost patience after its slow acceptance. I mean the Casio MZ2000 was a great keyboard with Multi-track recording and quantizing feature which would have been great for anybody into songwriting. Everything was good about this keyboard except for the floppy disk controller, which was a bit slow to responds. It would take a lot of time to load and save songs to the disk.

Casio MZ 2000 Music Keyboard
by: Carl

The Casio MZ-2000 keyboard was the first keyboard from Casio with onboard disk drive supporting SMF playback. It had 64 notes polyphony, which was very good for that time.

Casio MZ 2000 Synthesizer Keyboard
by: Goldie

I'm hearing about this Casio keyboard for the first time. I know their WK series of keyboards are good, packed with lot of features but not sure of this one.

What was it like? What features? If a used one is available, would it make sense to buy one?

Casio MZ 2000 - Why did it stop production in 2002?
by: Anonymous

Really not sure why...but the Casio MZ-2000 was a professional synthesizer keyboard offering from Casio. May be it was not lapped up by the public because they had a particular image built in their minds about Casio.

Casio MZ-2000 Music Keyboard
by: Sharpy -Flat

I have often wondered why the Casio MZ-2000 music keyboard model was discontinued after 2 yrs production.. It was and in my opinion still is the best keyboard Casio has produced although it is superseded by Yamaha "gimmicks" keyboards at a much higher price.

I bought my latest one on E-Bay for the princely sum of £89 and that included a new keyboard bag.

It does all I require of a keyboard and I wouldn't swap it, although I would like a Technics kn7000, but I would keep the Casio MZ-2000 Music Keyboard.

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