Casio Keyboard vs. Yamaha Keyboard

by Ben

Let us know your comments on the Yamaha vs. casio piano keyboard debate, and let us know what you like or dislike about each of these brands, their products and their services.

Here are some points that you may comment on:

  1. Which Brand do you like?

  2. What would you use for Stage Performance?

  3. Does built-in speakers and its Volume matter to you?

  4. Which on gives the best Value for Money?

  5. How about the Sound and Feel?

  6. Which has a better range of Piano Keyboards

  7. Which provides better Customer Support

  8. Any other related point

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Comments for Casio Keyboard vs. Yamaha Keyboard

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Casio vs Yamaha
by: Believer

The Truth: Casio does have higher end models like the Casio Privia-350, the Privia-330, the Privia 150, and even the Casio CDP models. The Privia 350 and 330 have depthness, warmth, and beautiful sounds. It is affordable ($700) and it sounds just like an acoustic grand piano. The keys are heavy and gives you quality sound, especially for the price.

The Yamaha entry levels keyboards are much better than the Casio entry level keyboards and are the exact same price ($99-$189). Now, Yamaha does have higher ends like the Motif, etc. The Motif & MM08 all sound good!!!! They are nothing but $100-1000 extra from the Privia.

Conclusion: If you want to go professional, heavy keys, good sound quality including different instruments, recording in a studio, and touring: I suggest you stick with your budget and go for the casio privia models, casio cdp models, or the yamaha motif & mm08 models!!!! The choice is yours!!!

If it sounds good to you then buy it!!! if you can afford it and if you really want it; then get it!!!!! no matter what; trust and believe that Jesus will help you to make the best decision.

Every body's opinion are different so it all about how you feel at the end of the day. let no one pressure you into buying a Yamaha or Casio!!!!!!

Be blessed because the Casio and Yamaha both have great models. but in my opinion, the Yamaha has a better line of entry level keyboards and professional digital pianos. Casio to me just has a better line of professional digital pianos. be encouraged! :)

Casio ctk vs Yamaha psr
by: Uber

When I relocated to a new city, I wanted a good keyboard so that I could practice, and sell it off when I moved back. I did not want to spend a lot, but wanted most of the features; not exactly an entry level 61 key keyboard.

So I went in for a Casio ctk 6000. I was happy with it initially, considering its features and the price as well, but after some time I could feel that the quality of the sound was very uninspiring. I had a Yamaha PSR 423 back home and it sounded far better.

I personally think if you know how to play keyboards, and have owned a Yamaha before, it is difficult to play on a Casio keyboard.

Yamaha vs. Casio Piano Keyboards
by: Anonymous

I am using Yamaha piano keyboards for ten years now. I am in agreement that many professional musicians, especially for One Man Band situations, are using Yamaha keyboards.

Yamaha vs Casio Keyboards
by: Luidgy Makx

Casio and Yamaha are among the best keyboards on the market. I've been playing on Casio since I was 3 years old and I've been listening to music for a long time. I played on Yamaha several times and according to me this keyboard doesn't give me a good piano sound. Right now I'm using Casio WK-1630, and compared to Yamaha PSRs and MOTIFs, it gives a better piano sound.

Casio is not only made for beginners, but is also used by well-known artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre and by professional musicians and producers. Take for example the brand-new CASIO WK-7500 released in 2011. It has so many incredible sounds and sliders to control Hammond organs! So listen and try to play on those two (CASIO/YAMAHA) before saying Casio's just made for beginners.

Casio Keyboards vs. Yamaha Keyboards
by: Mike from SA

Yamaha keyboard vs. Casio keyboard!

This is a great site, Thanks.

Though I think there is one misperception about this comparison, if I may.

I have been teaching music keyboards for 24 years now. My experience has been that Casio keyboards have very different sound qualities depending on the models within their range?just like any other brand.

To say that the sound of all Casio keyboards are not as good as Yamaha keyboards sound quality is very incorrect.

An entry level PSR223 Yamaha cannot match the superior sound quality of a WK500 Casio for instance, which is in a high price bracket.

Additionally, sound volume and quality is not only about the samples but also about the quality of the amplifiers and speaker quality and size. Buyers should at least be aware of the size of the speakers shown in the specs.

There are many Casio keyboards that are superior in sound quality and sound volume to Yamaha because of price differences and vice versa too.

Mike from SA

Yamaha Keyboard Gets Better than Casio in the Higher Range Models
by: Anonymous

I think Yamaha Keyboards are really the best, especially if you are looking for a professional keyboard.

At the lower-end of the music keyboard spectrum, Casio may compete with Yamaha for the entry level keyboards and there could be people who prefer Casio...but that would be very few in number and that too there basis of buying would only be cost.

Yamaha clearly stands out in terms of the sound quality, superior styles and voices, range of keyboard models to choose from, and the Yamaha's education suite is also very comprehensive. The features really get sophisticated as you go up higher in the chain.

I would any day recommend a Yamaha keyboard.

We bought a Yamaha PSR E 413 after a Casio mini keyboard
by: Wasim

My son plays keyboards. We initially bought him a Casio mini keyboard and the thinking was just to introduce him to music. Over a period of two years, he has picked up quite well and is now able to play many songs.

Seeing his growth, we recently bought him a Yamaha PSR e413. I myself don't play the keyboards but I was quite impressed with its looks and its sound, compared to the other models that we saw. I personally wanted him to have a keyboard with most of the features, including the ability to connect to a computer (though I have no clue how to connect a keyboard to computer and neither do I know its purpose)

He seems to be quite happy with the yamaha PSR-e413 keyboard and has recently started using various chords with his songs.

Casio Keyboard vs. Yamaha Keyboard
by: Suresh

I have been playing for more than 15 years now and I have taught a lot of students as well. I think if someone is just starting out, learning to play the keyboards then Casio can be a good keyboard to start on.

For a decent price, you can get a 61 key Casio keyboard with so many features? including built-in music lessons. I would say you rather spend the time learning to play the keyboard and getting used to the various functions that music keyboards have.

In a couple of years if you think you have really progressed well as a player, then you are free to choose a music keyboard of your choice. Sell off you Casio and buy a top of the range keyboard at that time.

Until then, it really does not matter as long as the keyboard that you buy is within your budget.

PS: I have observed that the sound quality on entry level Yamaha keyboards and pianos tend to be better than those on Casio, but then they cost more as well. On the other hand Casio, in general, offers more features than Yamaha for a given price range.

Casio Keyboard vs. Yamaha Keyboard
by: Keith

This is something which even I am trying to figure go in for a Yamaha keyboard or a Casio keyboard.

Looking at the budget I am tempted to go in for a Casio keyboard, but I don't know, somehow I have heard so many people saying things like "Casio is a cheap brand" that I am unable to decide.

I will be learning to play keyboards and so I wanted something that had lots of sounds, effects, lessons, accompaniments, ability to connect to computer, etc. but did not want to pay a lot as of now...and Casio keyboard did seem to fit the bill.

Yamaha seemed a bit expensive on the other hand, so as of now I am caught in this Casio vs. Yamaha keyboard thing.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Casio vs. Yamaha keyboard - Don't Rule-out Casio
by: Anonymous

I agree that Casio does not make as many high end models as yamaha does, and the quality of the sound produced differs, but the fact is that for beginners to intermediate level players, Casio has many inexpensive models with almost all the features that you can find on music keyboards.

For someone who is starting out, or who wants to play just for fun, I would still recommend Casio.

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