Casio CTK 496 Keyboard Review

by Suresh

Here is Casio CTK 496 electronic keyboard review. The ctk-496 is a 61 key keyboard with plenty of musical features, suitable for children.

Though this model has been quite popular, there are other CTK models which have been introduced recently. You can check out the other Casio CTK keyboards here.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that this Casio keyboard sells for 100 US dollars, which is very low for a 61 key keyboard. This can be a nice gift to a young one, especially a kid who seems to show some musical abilities.

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The CTK 496 is a good entry level keyboard at an affordable price. It has 100 tones and rhythms and is a good option for a beginner.

Action & keys

The ctk496 keyboard features 61 full sized keys with synth action.

Fingered mode

The ctk496 features the full fingered mode which let you play chords anywhere on the keyboard and the accompaniment changes accordingly.

Built-in lessons

The ctk 496 keyboard comes with lessons and exercise to help you improve your keyboard skills.


The ctk-496 comes with a "Mic In" slot which lets you connect a microphone to your keyboard. You can select any musical style and sing-along as you play your keyboard.

Casio ctk 496

Other Features

Some of the other features that you will find useful are -

• 100 tones & 100 rhythms

• Polyphony – 12

• Sing-Along function

• Big LCD screen

• MIDI in/out

• Advanced 3-step Lesson system

• Built-in speakers


As mentioned above, the ctk-496 can be a good entry level keyboard, especially for kids. It gives enough features to a beginner to explore and learn the various musical concepts. Using MIDI, you can even connect it to a computer to download songs or to record on an external software sequencer. Adults may find some of the tones on this keyboard a bit unrealistic for their own use, but the Casio CTK 496 keyboard can be a nice gift to a young one.

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What do you mean by velocity switching in digital keyboard pianos?
by: Peter

Velocity switching triggers different sound samples based on the velocity with which you strike the key.

On high-end keyboards, you have layers of sounds, and the number of sounds that can be triggered together depends on how hard you strike the piano key.

It is especially useful to trigger the string kind of instruments. If you press hard, you can get that slight bending kind of sound that characterizes string instruments.

What do you mean by velocity switching in digital keyboard pianos?
by: Shree (India)

Can somebody explain what do you mean by the term velocity switching in digital keyboard pianos?

I have heard of touch sensitivity but I am not sure about velocity switching.

I have a Casio ctk-496 and intend to upgrade to a portable piano keyboard with semi-weighted keys.

Do I need to worry if the keyboard that I buy is velocity sensitive or not?


(What do you mean by velocity switching in digital keyboard pianos? )

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