Casio CTK 4000 or CTK 2000?

by Deniz
(Surrey, UK)

Casio CTK-4000 Keyboard

Casio CTK-4000 Keyboard

Casio CTK-4000 Keyboard
Casio CTK-2000 Keyboard

Which Casio CTK Keyboard is a better buy for someone who is a Beginner and intends to learn as a Self Taught Player?

I have been doing some research and I am down to the following choices – Casio CTK 4000 and CTK 2000.

I looked at lighted keyboards too but do not feel very excited about it, so unless somebody has some genuine reasons for me to consider them, I would ignore them.

So it's down to these two Casio CTK Keyboard. Please help me with suggestions to make the choice.

Here are their links:

Casio CTK-4000 Keyboard
Casio CTK 4000 portable Keyboard with 61-Key, with MP3 Connection, 10 Second Sampling, and Digital Effects

Casio CTK-2000 Keyboard
Casio CTK 2000 61 Key portable Keyboard with MP3/iPod Connection

I am open to suggestions for any other Casio CTK keyboard as well. Looking forward to some helpful suggestions on this forum!

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ctk 4000
by: tim

Hi Judy,

You may check here for the user manual.

The list of the tones and rhythms is printed on the keyboard itself, and its quite easy to select a tone/style.

User manual for Casio CTK 4000
by: Judy (US)


I need a user's manual for the Casio CTK-4000 61-key keyboard and the sheet which lists the tones and rhythms.

Casio CTK 4000 or CTK 2000 61 key music keyboard
by: Kia

The Casio ctk-4000 music keyboard is another of those full featured music keyboards from Casio that will be appreciated by intermediate level players. Value for money keyboard with tons of features!!

Look out for package deals on Amazon. You will get power supply, keyboard stand and Headphones also included in the package.

Casio CTK 4000 or CTK 2000 music keyboard
by: Gary

The Casio ctk-4000 music keyboard is a much more advanced model compared to the ctk-2000. It has sampling feature as well, so if you have the budget please go ahead with it.

At the same time if you are a beginner, you will need to just concentrate on learning to play for the next 12 months or so. By that time, Casio might come up with newer models. So you could buy the ctk-2000 now and may be upgrade in the next 12-15 months or so. Its your call!!

Casio CTK-4000 Music Keyboard

Casio CTK-2000 Music Keyboard

Casio CTK 4000 or CTK 2000 music keyboard
by: Mel

Casio CTK-4000 keyboard is definitely a better keyboard in terms of feature. Besides the various voice and rhythms, the two features that I feel are cool includes audio inputs for a MP3 player, and a USB port for easy MIDI connection to a computer.

If you are on a tight budget go in for the Casio ctk-2000 keyboard else choose the ctk-4000. Its easy :)

Casio CTK 4000 or CTK 2000 keyboard - I recommend a CTK-2100
by: Suresh

Both the CTK-4000 and the CTK-2000 keyboards have 48-note polyphony. Besides that most of the features are same including the USB port that is provided for connecting the keyboard to the computer.

The CTK-4000 has more number of rhythms and sounds, as is expected for a higher priced keyboard. The CTK 4000 sells for around 150$, and the CTK-2000 for around 120$.

Another CTK keyboard which is doing quite well and is a best seller on Amazon is the CTK-2100, which ships for around 100$. It seems to offer the best price-to-features ratio.
Check it out here - ctk-2100

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