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Here you will find Technics Digital Piano review, prices for buying & selling, and most common repair problems of these Panasonic Pianos.

You rarely come across instances where brands that are doing very well in the market gets stopped being manufactured / supported. Here is one example of a super quality product that continues to find little support under the Panasonic name.

Technics was and is still very popular for its arranger keyboards, and at one time some of its higher models (KN series) used to compete directly with Yamaha and Roland keyboards. Unfortunately, under the Panasonic leadership, the focus now seems to be on their DJ turntables instead of electronic keyboards and Pianos.

Technics Digital Piano, Technics Digital Pianos

Their top end KN keyboards however still have a lot of demand in the used instrument market. And the same applies to their pianos as well, which include a very good range of instruments. You had models that came with accompaniments, effects and built-in sequencer, as well as ones without the built-in rhythms.

They also have a natural response action; and are available in several choices of finishes, and come in both console and baby grand cabinets. There is no doubt that these piano keyboards maintain the same high standard of sound quality that Technics is known for.

A bit on their keyboard instruments...

Brilliant Sound
The Acoustic Reflection Technology was used to create clear, brilliant sound with a three-dimensional quality. The sound is consistent across the entire keyboard, from low to high octaves and you can find some really great grand piano sounds. The powerful speakers on the pianos also add life into your performances.

Sounds and Styles
These pianos offer numerous sounds and style accompaniments to help you play in any musical style you like. All the features found in electronic keyboards like Effects, split, layering, built-in sequencer can be found in these pianos. You can even add virtually unlimited dynamic expressions to your performances because of the 64-note polyphony.

Technics SX PR, PX, P Digital Piano Series

Graded Hammer Action
These pianos feature a Natural Response Action that simulates the feel of a concert grand piano, similar to a graded hammer action. Here, the key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes, exactly the same behavior as in a grand piano works. This action simulates the string thickness, hammer size and damper in a grand piano.

Beautiful Cabinet Styling
Technics pianos are available in a variety of finishes to complement any decor. The attractive design of the Technics digital pianos are quite impressive and will fit perfectly into any environment.

Various Models
The various models can be classified as follows –

Digital Pianos
SX-PX665, SX-PX664, SX-PX663, SX-PX662, SX-PC26M, SX-PX663, SX-PX663M, SX-PX336, SX-PX336M, SX-PX338B

Digital Ensembles (includes built-in accompaniments) SX-PR604, SX-PR604M, SX-PR804, SX-PR804M, SX-PR54, SX-PR54M

Portable Pianos
SX-P50, SX-P30

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