61 Key Keyboard - Musical Keyboard for Serious Beginners

If you're planning to buy a new keyboard, i'm sure you'd have realized by now that you get keyboards with different number of keys, with the 61 and 88 keys being the more popular ones.

Best 61-key keyboards...

A full sized keyboard with 88 weighted keys is ideal for any keyboard players, but you realize that only after playing for years. 61 keys may not be sufficient for playing several songs. So, when it comes to the piano, 61 is the absolute minimum that you should aim for. Anything less may be unsuitable for playing the piano, but can be great for synthesizers and as controllers.

If you're a beginner then a 61 key keyboard should be fine, but if you want to play more advanced stuff you do require a larger keyboard. So it all depends on what you want to play.

A standard keyboard has 61 keys and it's possible to get started on such a keyboard and then later on graduate to a bigger one where you can play several new pieces. There will be pieces that will extend past the 61 keys so if that really's a concern get something that comes with 76 keys; they are quite affordable nowadays. However, for that much money, you can buy a keyboard with 61-keys that has many more features and a good sound quality. You do get keyboards that come with octave shift feature that lets you play additional notes.

So, a 61-key keyboard can be a good bet to start with. You can read reviews of 61-key keyboards here

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